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Spice Girls

Simply the greatest thing to come out of the 90s, the Spice Girls dominated the entertainment industry during the second half of the decade and became the biggest thing on the planet overnight.

They transcended all races, sexes and classes as Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Baby went about making the world a Spicier place and spreading the message of Girl Power. You couldn’t get away from them, but then again most people didn’t want to either.

The pop princess first began performing together in 1994 and after a couple of years they released their first single “Wannabe”. The catchy tune made a bigger impact on the charts than an Icelandic volcano and Nick Clegg combined and went to number one in 31 countries.

The world went crazy for the fab five, and they had continued chart success with hits such as “Say You’ll Be There”, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “2 Become 1”, which is probably the filthiest song of all time. Who would have though such smut could come from the seemingly innocent mouth of Baby Spice?

After conquering America the girls then launched the aptly-named “Spiceworld” album. Along with this came their movie which was probably the worst film ever made and the wooden acting from Posh rivalled that of Pinocchio, but we loved it all the same.

By this time I had been sucked in to the hype. The first cassette I ever bought was “Wannabe” which I played it to death and was soon followed by my first CD “Spice Up Your Life”. Whilst Newcastle posters adorned most my room, one wall was dedicated to the girls. I bought Spice Girls lolipopsFunFax and chocolate and loved them.

Everyone had a favourite and mine was Geri. Despite the fact she was ginger people liked her and she was seen as the most outrageous of the group. And then suddenly in 1998 she left the band. I was stunned and I don’t think my fixation on the girls was ever the same.

The remaining four began to change as Posh got involved with Becks, Scary went mental and Mel C struggled with her sexual orientation. After working on equally rubbish solo projects as they moved towards a more R&B style when they combined but the magic was gone and they just faded away towards the end of 2000.

Every year there were rumours about a reunion and it finally happened in 2007. However I was unwilling to stump up £80 of my-hard earned student loan for a ticket and my affection for the girls has dwindled, although I do sometimes have a sly listen to “Spice” from time to time…

Looking back the impact that they made was incredible. Across the globe people enjoyed the infectious songs, the camaraderie between the five and slamming your body down and zigazig-haing on the dancefloor. Ultimately when anyone looks back at the greatest decade of all time it is defined by the Spice Girls.


Adidas popper joggers

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I love Adidas. I have Adidas Superstar trainers, Adidas Originals tracksuit tops, Adidas t-shirts and Adidas Predator football boots. But if I could own one item of Adidas apparel it would be the legendary Adidas popper joggers.

I had a lot of cool stuff when I was a kid and my parents hardly deprived me of anything. I got involved in the fashion trends as a kid; I had spiky hair (ala Gary Rhodes, scary thought) and all the different types of trainers that appeared around the time such as the ones that had LED lights in them and the psychedelic green and orange chunky ones. But never proper popper joggers.

These were a random fashion statement. I still don’t quite understand the need for press studs down the sides of joggers as when you had them undone the flare of your trousers flapped around in the wind, but they had the three stripes running down the side , Sporty Spice wore them and I wanted them.

Looking back I can fully understand why my parents didn’t splash out £20 on a pair of trousers for me to roll around in the mud playing footy, and I had to make do with the Gola version of them. Ahh Gola – Adidas’ poorer, more malnourished cousin. If Adidas is David Beckham, Gola’s equivalent is Darren Huckerby.

But even with my garish Gola version I could still experience the joys of people running up behind you in the playground (on non-school uniform days of course!) and grab a handful of your trousers, pulling so hard that the poppers gave way and exposed your legs to the harsh Mid Wales winters.

I’ve always heard that fashion comes back around, but after an absence of a decade I think the world is already relishing the return of the Adidas “windpants”. There are Facebook groups demanding the relaunch of the design classic and there are still a few popping up on Ebay and selling for some good money. You could say they’re becoming pop-ular again…

Unfortunately any time I see a pair of these gorgeous trackies, they’re always being showcased by someone in their mid 50s who picked them up from a jumble sale for a couple of quid, trying to be down with the kids. Until they pop their clogs, I don’t think I’ll be sporting the popper pants any time soon.

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