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Sega Mega Drive

The Sega Mega Drive is to games consoles in the 90s as George Best was to football 30 year previously. Video gaming and football were obviously around before them but once they appeared on the scene the future would change forever.

The best piece of black plastic since Michael Jackson, the Mega Drive revived Sega’s fortunes in the marketplace and with some cracking games released during its eight year production its popularity lasts until today.

After the Sega Master System had been overtaken by the Super Nintendo in the late 80s, Sega realised that they had to produce a 16 bit fourth generation console to keep up. It was launched in North America as the Sega Genesis but when it arrived on our shores in November 1990 the Mega Drive was born.

The Mega Drive II followed soon after with a few tweaks making it the best console around. Add-ons would follow such as the Mega CD but even when Sega developed the Sega Saturn in 1998 it was still outsold by its older brother which went on to sell 29 million units worldwide.

With its simple design there was very little that could go wrong, but if it started playing up a simple blow into the port to force any dust out was more than necessary. However there was a glitch where if you gave it a good kick whilst you were getting destroyed on a game it would freeze, ending any torture early.

And there were plenty of classic games to play on it once you’d plugged it in and heard the classic Segaaaaa noise. I am still partial to a few games of World Cup Italia 90 and as mentioned elsewhere in this blog still bash buttons on Sonic the Hedgehog which was a worldwide smash hit.

Micro Machines was another favourite of mine due to the fact that you could plug an extra couple of controllers into the cartridge itself for four player gaming. Streets Of Rage was also a cool platform game, and I used to love messing around on Tazmania and Dizzy The Egg too.

Whilst all my mates are purring over their fancy PS3s or Xbox 360s, I still can’t resist the urge to set up my Mega Drive from time to time and kick some virtual ass on Street Fighter, safe in the knowledge that I’m playing the coolest console ever for a few hours. Well, dust permitting anyway…


Sonic The Hedgehog

Imagine being able to run faster than Usain Bolt, spinning more than Shane Warne and as being as blue as Eiffel 65 wanted you to be. That’s the world that Sonic the Hedgehog lives in, and he was one of the biggest stars of the decade.

After Nintendo had launched Super Mario as their mascot of sorts, Sega decided to respond. At the time the figurehead of their company was a character called Alex Kidd, who looked like the lovechild of Ian Brown and Superted. Noticing how stupid he looked, Sega decided a change was needed.

After rejecting an armadillo, a Theodore Roosevelt look-alike and a rabbit, Sonic was thankfully chosen. Blue was chosen to reflect the Sega logo, and whilst his shoes were inspired by Michael Jackson his personality was to mirror Bill Clinton’s. Thankfully Sonic was never caught shagging his co-workers and went about saving the world.

Sonic first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog, the first of his games released on the Sega Megadrive. Subsequent sequels would follow as the games proved incredibly popular, and are still classics to this day. Indeed, I just spent an enjoyable hour playing this game which I stumbled across. Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?

Soon there would be Sonic The Comic, and his television show was so good that even though it was shown at 6.30am on Channel Four, me and my sister used to watch it religiously. His likeness would appear on Formula One cars, football shirts and everywhere else in between. In a short period of time Sonic had conquered the world.

He was also a hero to me as despite being able to run as fast as the speed of sound, a misled assumption that hedgehogs couldn’t swim by one of his creators meant Sonic freaks out when he gets near water, just like myself. However he can use his speed to run across large bodies of water, whereas I just splash around trying to keep myself afloat.

Despite this flaw Sonic and his buddies would continue to save the world throughout the decade, and has been voted numerous times as everyone’s favourite computer game character. This popularity continues to grow as recently more Sonic games have been released and his legacy continues.

Whilst many of the other stars of the 1990s have disappeared without a trace, even though he is a cartoon character Sonic will live on forever, and generation after generation will be able to enjoy the wonders of the spiky little fella. Now, time for another hour of collecting rings and keeping that Robotnik guy at bay…

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