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Spice Girls

Simply the greatest thing to come out of the 90s, the Spice Girls dominated the entertainment industry during the second half of the decade and became the biggest thing on the planet overnight.

They transcended all races, sexes and classes as Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Baby went about making the world a Spicier place and spreading the message of Girl Power. You couldn’t get away from them, but then again most people didn’t want to either.

The pop princess first began performing together in 1994 and after a couple of years they released their first single “Wannabe”. The catchy tune made a bigger impact on the charts than an Icelandic volcano and Nick Clegg combined and went to number one in 31 countries.

The world went crazy for the fab five, and they had continued chart success with hits such as “Say You’ll Be There”, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “2 Become 1”, which is probably the filthiest song of all time. Who would have though such smut could come from the seemingly innocent mouth of Baby Spice?

After conquering America the girls then launched the aptly-named “Spiceworld” album. Along with this came their movie which was probably the worst film ever made and the wooden acting from Posh rivalled that of Pinocchio, but we loved it all the same.

By this time I had been sucked in to the hype. The first cassette I ever bought was “Wannabe” which I played it to death and was soon followed by my first CD “Spice Up Your Life”. Whilst Newcastle posters adorned most my room, one wall was dedicated to the girls. I bought Spice Girls lolipopsFunFax and chocolate and loved them.

Everyone had a favourite and mine was Geri. Despite the fact she was ginger people liked her and she was seen as the most outrageous of the group. And then suddenly in 1998 she left the band. I was stunned and I don’t think my fixation on the girls was ever the same.

The remaining four began to change as Posh got involved with Becks, Scary went mental and Mel C struggled with her sexual orientation. After working on equally rubbish solo projects as they moved towards a more R&B style when they combined but the magic was gone and they just faded away towards the end of 2000.

Every year there were rumours about a reunion and it finally happened in 2007. However I was unwilling to stump up £80 of my-hard earned student loan for a ticket and my affection for the girls has dwindled, although I do sometimes have a sly listen to “Spice” from time to time…

Looking back the impact that they made was incredible. Across the globe people enjoyed the infectious songs, the camaraderie between the five and slamming your body down and zigazig-haing on the dancefloor. Ultimately when anyone looks back at the greatest decade of all time it is defined by the Spice Girls.


Geri’s Union Jack Dress

Never before has a flag looked so good. Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress that she wore during the 1997 Brit Awards is one of the most iconic images of the decade and for a few months made Great Britain one of the trendiest countries in the world.

The Spice Girls had just cracked America and Spicemania was well and truly running wild across the globe. After their first album had gone straight to number one around the world, the famous five were to scoop the main prizes at British music’s big awards show.

With the girls due to perform during the event, Geri was going to wear a plain black number but the sassiest member of the five decided it was too dull, so her sister went out and bought a Union Jack tea-towel and sewed it onto the front. It was worn during the Spice’s performance of “Who Do You Think You Are?” and instantly became a fashion classic.

The dress got plenty of attention around the world, and the fact that her knickers were on show was shocking at the time for many, but the lads loved it. Ginger Spice became everyone’s favourite Spice Girl and made Miss Halliwell the sexiest redhead ever, yes even ahead of Anne Robinson, Paul Scholes and Basil Brush.

It also added fuel to the Cool Britannia term that was being used at the time. With New Labour being ushered into power with a youthful Tony Blair at its helm, the rise of Britpop, the success of Euro 96 and films such as Austin Powers and James Bond, the dress typified the excitement on our small island.

It also started a trend which saw everything emblazoned with the Union Jack. I remember going to London a year later and went into a shop that just sold merchandise that featured the red, white and blue. Boxer shorts, toilet seats and money boxes were all available, and the latter coming with as much money inside it as today’s British economy.

Upon quitting the group in 1998, Geri auctioned off that dress and it was bought by the owner of the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas for £41,320, still a record for a piece of pop memorabilia. When the girls announced their comeback a couple of years Ginger tried to get the original back to perform in, but had to settle with a sparkly replica instead.

It was probably a good thing though, as the stick-thin Geri of today wouldn’t have had the same impact as back in 1997 when she squeezed her curves into the sexiest dress of all time. Just goes to show that women and tea-towels definitely belong together…

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