“Titanic” is literally the biggest film ever seen in all aspects. It held the record grossing movie of all time until recently, and it cost over $200 million to produce. In the 90s this was unheard of and everyone went to see it.

Directed by James Cameron, “Titanic” features a love story between Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet’s characters Jack and Rose, who are poles apart in class sense. They fall in love on board the liner to the dismay of Rose’s snooty family and their relationship blossoms until the fateful day when the ship sank.

But don’t let that put you off, even I who doesn’t particularly like films enjoyed watching it because there’s something for everyone in it. In an attempt to appeal to men it has drunken behaviour, sex scenes and Winslet even appears topless which all helps you get through the whole three hours, even if you do have to listen to Celine Dion warble on.

Because of its huge budget the film received a lot of hype and many critics had their knives out hoping that it would sink just like the RMS Titanic itself. After being released in December 1997 it topped the box office for a record 15 weeks, and made over $13 million on Valentines Day alone.

Someone brought it into my school on video towards the end of term and we were allowed to watch it as a treat, and whilst lads laughed and girls cried when Jack slipped off the door, I couldn’t believe the special effects as they were the greatest thing I’d see on TV, well apart from Newcastle dismantling Manchester United 5-0 obviously…

Unbelievably Cameron issued a scale model of the ship to be built for the film and used millions of gallons of water when filming. Many of the crew and actors came down with flu or kidney infections after being in the water for so long and he got stuntmen to recreate people jumping from the side of the boat. No wonder the SFX looked so good, they were actually real.

“Titanic” became the highest grossing movie of all time, making over $1.8 billion and has only been surpassed by “Avatar”, however instead of a weird film about a crossover between Abe from Abe’s Odyssey and The Smurfs, 3D viewing will be taken to the next level when “Titanic” is converted into the format to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship sinking in 2012.

I for one am looking forward to seeing that spectacle and being able see what Jack sees when he stands on the front of the ship. However if I do accidently shout “I’m the king of the world!” you all have my permission to slap me.


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  1. 1 Catrin April 21, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I rememeber the first time I saw this at a friends house after it came out on video. At the age of about 8 we were watching it covertly. We fast forwarded through all the ‘dull bits’ stopping for: the moment they met, ‘I’m flying Jack, I’m flying’, the sketching, the sex scene, the crash and Leo’s death. 3 hours condensed into about 40 minutes. It was years before I finally watched it properly! Love this blog, completely takes me back to care-free times.

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