Before the 1990s, curtains were only long pieces of material that protected you from the voyeurs of this world – until David Beckham came along.

After bursting onto the scene at the start of the 1996-97 season with his halfway line goal against Wimbledon the media started looking more closely at the Manchester United midfielder, but just as the rest of his career would dictate it wouldn’t just be for the magic of his right boot.

Girls started noticing Beck’s flowing locks and even my older sister got on in the act, pestering me for posters of the new teen heartthrob to stick on her school files. Then “Titanic” came out and Leonardo Di Caprio started rocking the style, which resulted in my sister buying his calendar. Curtains were taking off.

It wasn’t just my sister who was loving the new hairstyle. By growing your hair slightly longer and dragging some Brylcreem through it girls were falling weak at the knees and it was becoming incredibly popular. But then the boybands got hold of it.

The likes of Ben from A1 and everyone from Westlife started copying Beckham, but unlike Goldenballs they had centre-partings and so the top of their head started to resemble an advert for McDonalds as it looked like a giant M.

But more and more guys started trying it out and it even reached my primary school with a couple in my year giving it a go. I always fancied it myself but never had the nerve to ask my mum for one so I kept on with my simple bowl cut. Rather than copying Beckham, my style icon was more Peter Beardsley.

Becks in the end got so fed up of looking into the crowd and seeing so many people copying his hairstyle that he ended up shaving it all off to the dismay of Brylcreem. After all a bald guy trying to sell hair gel is like Ashley Cole trying to give marriage advice.

And so those who had the floppy haircut saw their leader chop it all off and like cult members followed his lead, a trend that continues until today. The skinhead replaced curtains and they’ve never really come back.

But here’s to hoping that like all fashion they do return, so I can finally see whether I can pull the look off, or like a normal pair of curtains pull myself together.


1 Response to “Curtains”

  1. 1 jesse August 15, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Enjoyed your article…..brought back alot of memories from my childhood. I had that haircut as kid, for a brief period. I just grew my hair out recently, for the first time in ages…..and guess? I’m rockin the curtains too lol

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