S Club 7

“Bring It All Back” indeed! I wish S Club 7 were still wedging catchy little pop songs into our heads, mainly because it would mean that the world would get to see a lot more of Rachel Stevens.

S Club were the coolest band towards the end of the decade. Firstly there were seven of them which was unprecedented – All Saints had four members, Westlife had five but no-one could compete with Tina, Jon, Paul, Hannah, Bradley, Rachel and Jo. The mix of boys of girls which was also different, and appealed to both sexes. And there was Rachel Stevens.

After the success of “Bring It All Back”, “S Club Party” followed and so began the trend of jumping as high as you could and making an S shape in the air with your finger. Then came “You’re My Number One”, a song we had to create a dance routine for and perform in front of the school (and I still have in my locker when drunk). “Two In A Million” followed, a song that always used to make me think of Rachel Stevens.

If you haven’t guessed by now Rachel Stevens was my first proper schoolboy crush. I used to always watch “Miami 7” just to see her, and I would steal my sister’s Smash Hits magazine just to have a poster of her on my wall.

I even got in trouble in primary school when I first learnt how to use Google Images, and printed off a picture of Rach in a bikini from an FHM cover to stick up in my desk, blissfully unaware of what a lads mag was.

“S Club” was a great debut album and it soon after “7” hit the shelves. This didn’t really do it for me, I was going through a hip-hop and rap stage at the time but I did like “Natural” where Rachel finally got her chance to show her vocal talent. Their only major hit to follow was “Don’t Stop Movin”, a classic tune that I always have to be on the dancefloor for.

But this was well into 21st century and that’s not the point of this blog. After Paul left the group in 2002 they began to flounder and split a year later. Jo, Paul and Bradley tried to reform recently as S Club 3, but with less than half of the original line-up in place it was pointless.

Rachel had her solo career but even with her stunningly good looks she needed the rest of the gang with her. Unfortunately, unlike the Spice Girls and Take That, a comeback looks unlikely.

But everytime the gang make an appearance on my iPod I just have to give them a cheeky listen, because lets face it – there ain’t no party like an S Club party!


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