Mr Blobby

There have been some unlikely TV heroes over time. Indeed when you look back at Ant and Dec’s careers no-one would have thought that they’d make the impact they have when they first appeared on the scene as PJ and Duncan in “Byker Grove”.

And then there’s Mr Blobby. Struggling myself to try and describe him to anyone who had never seen him before I looked at Wikipedia for guidance. And what did they say?

A large pink blob, covered with yellow spots, sporting a permanent toothy grin and jiggling eyes.

Now I thought he was an alien but maybe not, he’s a blob. But a terribly amusing blob at that. With the amount of rubbish on Saturday night TV these days (excluding “The Cube” and “Take Me Out”) “Noel’s House Party” was a must see. Think “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway” but 10 times funnier and original. And with a purple and yellow blob.

Mr Blobby would appear on the show and just cause mayhem. He used to fall down a lot and could only say the word “blobby”. Even with these gravitational and speech impediments he was the scourge of Noel Edmunds, and anyone who irritates Noel gets a tick in my book. But the viewers loved him and so he just had to release a record which reached number one twice!

Well it was Christmas and people do go crazy but Blobby had conquered the charts. And then he conquered the high street with numerous Blobby themed merchandise hitting the shelves. I for one was a fan of his drink, even though looking back a drink pink in colour surely wasn’t good for a hyperactive child.

But following the demise of “Noel’s House Party” in 1999 Mr Blobby disappeared off our screens. His originally popularity had gone and with Zig and Zag and Flat Eric stealing his thunder there was no room left in the hearts of the British public for Blobby, and so the costume was dumped in BBC storage never to be seen again.

But looking at television now there is a noticeable lack of these non-human characters and with producers running out of fresh ideas he may well be back one day. And quoting the great blob himself he’d most probably suggest “Blobby Blobby Blobby!”.


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